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Jun. 5th, 2011


Reflection: Our Rights

Sighs I'm kinda confused.
i kinda just blew off my top over a certain irritant on twitter.

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Kuroshitsuji Doujin Game 2 - Question

woO new Kuroshitsuji Doujin game! [Question] yays! can't wait for it to be online haha! XP

Togainu no Chi [PC]

I just played Togainu no Chi (Keisuke, Rin and Shiki's routes)

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Psalm 4 and 32

In my time of weak faith, I've decided to read the bible again.

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Meh x Kapi

Ok I shall upload what I've done thus far for my Meh x Kapi Collection~!

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Drrr!! and Karneval

Ok Durarara!! Anime season 1 has ended at ep 24.

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oofuri and hakuouki ended!

ahhh oofuri season 2 and  hakuouki shinsengumi ended alr! T^T

now im left w durarara!!, kaichou wa maid sama, hetalia and uraboku [which i need to do some catching up on]

hmm maybe i shd catch up my 100 over episodes of bleach and naruto..


i feel kinda sad abt hakuouki.. i mean i noe it's cuz it's adapted from the game which has so many more options.. but the way they ended it was kinda.. hmm i duno.. but in a way its good cuz the main characters are still alive [for now until season 2 comes in autumn] and save me the depression..

as for oofuri.. i just love those kids >< they are so driven and motivated.. w a clear goal in mind.. enjoying their youth.. man i feel old and aimless now.. sighs.. i kinda think my life is kinda sucky in tt aspect... but well who to blame but myself..


Drawing spree XD [w markers]

I recently bought some markers and decided to color my drawings with them.. but oh well I guess i still work better with PS when it comes to colouring
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Jun. 24th, 2010

back from gradtrip [japan honshu] and family trip [hokkaido]!!

i've not been posting here for ages but i just felt really lazy too..moreover im like trying so hard to catch up my mangas and anime.. after stopping for so long.. ahhhh so many things to do, so little time

im like following hakuouki, maid-sama, durarara, oofuri, hetalia, uraboku, and at the same time trying to catch up 100 over eps for bleach and naruto... not forgetting goodness noes how many manga im following until i cant even rem wad chap i've read until for wad manga.. there's the onlines ones in english to follow, kino chinese ones, and the japanese ones i bgt from japan.. oh rites DOUJINS.. i bgt like 30 i think.. gdness..

and im supposed to be studying for jlpt2 myself.. at this rate.. i dun think i can take the exam end of this yr ><