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Alright, Van is back after like what, a year? And she is back to the kpop scene for CNBLUE.

I started watching Heartstrings for Yonghwa and Shinhye and also because the show involved music as well. Thank goodness I started on the Sunday before the March holidays began because once I had started, I couldn't stop. Well naturally I finished it in 3 days >_<.

Then I started searching for Yonghwa on google as he totally stole my heart in that show as Lee Shin, and also for Minhyuk cuz he's so super cute XD. 

After that, I started watching the Running Man episodes in which Yonghwa appeared and fell even more him, for his real character. At that point of time, I had only known his "character" in the drama roles. Now, after watching Running Man and those random variety shows, I've come to know his playful and lame side, haha! Well, and also in Running Man, he's such an awesome player!

Then I came across CNBLUE's videos on youtube and liked Love Girl instantly. Eventually I started to like the other two members as well. Jonghyun for his voice and Jungshin cuz of his character, and he's quite cool too, though Yonghwa's still the coolest imo.

Now, I am back to being a fangirl, spending >$100 on their CDs and concert goods orz... I hope my interest in them won't die out as soon as what happened with F.T. Island.... Oh right, I forgot... They're from the same company and I actually thought at the beginning that Yonghwa sounded a bit like Hongki... Though Hongki's voice is more hoarse...

Anyway, I was watching their appearance on Soundplex and I felt really guilty and filled with respect for them cuz it was revealed during the interview that they actually practise all day long and ever since their debut, they haven't been out to play much. Yonghwa's personal activities (work) makes his schedule such that he returns to their dorm at 2am or later and yet he doesn't rest but continues to write music or practise. Then the next morning they have to wake up at 6am or something to go for their next appearance. I really don't know how he survives like this. Maybe that's why he lost 10kg... D: In response to that video, I felt bad for slacking so much. Also, I got kinda depressed cuz I can't sing, can't play the guitar, can't play the piano, can't read music properly... Then my only pride some time ago, drawing, seems to be failing me now too...

Ok, I shan't turn this into a rant post so I shall stop here.