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The heart isn't ready

Started out as a typical boy-hater
Dressed in boyish clothes and short-cut hair
Snapped at rowdy herds of trouble-makers
Rolled my eyes without a care

Feeling trapped by childish fears
Slipping surreptitious glances, just falling short of a voyeur
Immersing in two dimensional characters
Indulging in fictional happily ever after

Time whips by and the heart changes so much it's suffocating
One by one, friends fall, deep, in this thing called love
Before you know it, the wedding bells rings
Adorn with blissful smiles, they go forth with blessings from above

Putting on a facade of indifference
Laughing it off, entertaining pointless illusions so naive
Foolishly wishing for a part in that, for deliverance
Yet, the heart isn't ready to give

So they say, "Let nature take its course"
Yet others say, "Seize the day!"
You shouldn't try to attain it with force
But happiness doesn't just fall in your way.

The mind is clear, the mind is aware
Faults, weaknesses, inadequacies clearly perceived
But the heart, it still needs time to prepare
The heart, isn't ready just yet to be deceived


Indeed, isn't it foolish to yearn to be loved
When you're not willing to take the risk
Not willing to sacrifice
Not willing to open up

How can one hope to be loved
When you don't know love
Don't acknowledge love
Don't give love